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Want that trendy silver hair look? Here are a few things to think about before making that jump...

1. It takes time and money... If you have dark hair, (natural or artificial) be sure to talk to your stylist and understand how much of an investment it can be. This is a process that can take multiple sessions, so plan on being in the chair for a bit of time. Know how much you’ll be spending, and plan for your budget. Please keep in mind that this color is also very high maintenance and you’ll have to be back in the chair every 4-6 weeks for root touch ups.

2. It’s possible that you’ll have to cut it... If you have have to do multiple sessions and you have long hair, you may have to go shorter. Sometimes those ends cant handle all that lightening! If you want your length, silver may not be the color for you.

3. Silver doesn’t go with every skin tone... Ask your stylist about skin tones and if silver is the right tone for you. If you have pale or olive skin tones, silver will definitely work for you! If you have very red or pink skin, you could go more with peachy or silvery rose gold tones.

4. Shampoo less!... If you shampoo less, your color will last way longer. Invest in a dry shampoo, it will save your life. Washing with cooler water will help keep the color as well. Cooler water keeps the cuticle sealed down more than warm water would.

5. Purple shampoo and Conditioners!!... Purple helps to keep those unwanted warm tones out. No matter what, the warm, underlying pigment will creep up. If you invest in a purple shampoo and conditioners, you won’t regret it!